Currently in Year 8 at St Mary's Boys College, Ashley and his mate Tom are ready to become the next Logan & Jake Paul. However it's hard to be a YouTuber when your Mum'll only give you $25 for the canteen and your new step-dad Darren won't show you any respect.

Australia's Best Street Racer

18 year old Taylor James is eager to make his mark on the late night blockie route scene, and he's doing it in his Mum's 1994 Holden Barina. After finally getting his p-plates, Taylor's ready to earn his place in HTV Drift Division, but first he'll have to find the courage to talk to them.

Craig the Park Ranger                 

Craig is Truganini National Park's most committed ranger. After manning the park for the last twelve years, Craig may not have found any friends amongst the other rangers, but he's definitely made a connection with the local wildlife. A weird connection.


Double Knot Dylan                     

Despite graduating from NIDA and playing dead body #3 in Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities. Double Knot Dylan's career has gone down the gurgler - along with his marriage. Now he spends his time patronising children as ABC Kids 23rd best kids presenter.

Father of the Bride                     

The only thing this Dad of two loves more than the Sydney Swans is his new son-in-law Jason. He can't believe his favourite daughter Felicity has found such a great bloke. Much better than that bloody architect his youngest Stacey brought home last summer.

Phil Benson                                   

Phil Benson is a devoted Christian and a terrible person. Desperate to take the place of his insufferable people helping Pastor. Phil will do whatever it takes to end up in control. As long as it doesn't require actually reading the Bible of course.


Devoted to the retail industry but not to it's customers, Sebastian can't work out why the sweaty fat uggos aren't coming back. With ASOS obviously responsible for his lack of sales, Sebastian has turned to other avenues, pursuing a career as a manbag model.


He might be from a small town, but this naive young man has a big heart. After breaking up with his girlfriend Roxanne, Stephen is eager to escape the shackles of homeschool and his Nan's house and finally track down his long lost battler of a father.