The Star Wars Trivia & Interview Podcast in which celebrity guests battle to be the ultimate Star Wars Trivia master! Hosted by comedian Dylan Hesp.



Episode 1: Gus Lopez & Mark Newbold
Star Wars super collector Gus Lopez and Mark Newbold (Jedi News) battle it out. They also talk Star Wars journalism, Celebration Anaheim and why Gus has a Death Star in his lounge room!

Episode 2: Richard, Sarah Woloski & James Burns
Richard and Sarah Woloski (Skywalking through Neverland) go up against James Burns (Jedi News). Plus Star Wars weddings, organising 35,000 collectables and Harrison Ford's earlobe.

Episode 3: Steele Saunders & Hello Greedo
Steele Saunders (Steele Wars) and Hello Greedo (YouTuber) go head to head. Plus they chat about the Star Wars Prequels, JJ Abrams' Donuts and Admiral Ackbar’s CD Player.

Episode 4: John Jackson Miller & Keith Kappel
Authors John Jackson Miller (Kenobi, A New Dawn) and Keith Kappel (Fantasy Flight Games) take each other on. Whilst discussing Star Wars fiction and how messing with Star Wars canon is a little like The Godfather 2.

Episode 5: Justin Bolger & Bryan Young
Bryan Young (Full of Sith) and Justin Bolger (The Apex Fan) stop by. Plus Carrie Fisher's love of Diet Coke, Justin's Palpatine parenting style and what it's like to drink and debate the prequels with Jake Lloyd.

Episode 6: Cory Clubb & Dan Zehr
Coffee with Kenobi co-hosts Dan Zehr & Cory Club battle it out. Plus they chat about meeting actor Freddie Prinze Jr, underweight Hutt's and how Coffee with Kenobi owes it's beginnings to a Gumby costume.


Who Shot First is the galaxy's first ever Star Wars Trivia and Game Show Podcast you can play along with! In each episode Star Wars writers, vloggers and podcasters stop in to chat and battle it out in four rounds of fun and unique Star Wars trivia competition. All in the hopes of being crowned this months Jedi Master.

A blast...always entertaining!
— Roqoo Depot
Amazing Podcast. Natural Host. A+
— Hello Greedo